House system is crucial to develop qualities of leadership and team work. It is an excellent method of bringing out the hidden talents of the students by setting light to their competitive spirits. House points are awarded to students for their excellent performance in class, in sports, for behavior or in any school events, individually or as a house. Winner houses are announced each term and are awarded with a house trip. The school house system has been entirely restructured with new names and programs.


Dhow House

The Red House is the Dhow House, a symbol of UAE history. The Dhow represents early trade and water industry. We the Dhow have red color, the color of fire and blood. When the dhow and red comes together it becomes a symbol of strength, power and energy. We the dhow are proud to be Reds!


Pearl House

Pearl diving was the main occupations of early Emiratis around 1000 years ago before the discovery of oil. Pearl divers would dive for 90 secs about 40 meters deep for an average 30 times a day. UAE produced the fines pearls in the world. The pearl is a symbol of purity and beauty and combined with blue color that is associated with depth and stability we depict loyalty, confidence and wisdom.


Falcon House

The Yellow House is the Falcon House, a symbol of force and courage and the Bedouin culture of UAE history. The Bedouin used it as a hunting tool and is a source of survival in the desert. Yellow is the color of hope and sunshine. Bring it together with the Falcon and we stand for Courage, Spirit and High Aspirations!


Palm House

The Green House is the Palm House. The palm tree is the ultimate emblem of sustainability in the UAE. Date Palm cultivation is the most prominent form of agriculture in the UAE. Green is a symbol of prosperity and progress. We the Palm House believe in doing and our motto is "Be bold, be brave and be strong".