Math whizz is an online tutor program that enables students to learn curriculum objectives in an interactive and innovative manner. This is a globally running program that rates the performance of each school based on the students success rates. Students are awarded credits and certificates based on their achievements in the online assessments thereby increasing their interest and engagement in the subject. Students take one lesson during a week in school and can also complete their hours at home.



This online program is designed to help students develop literacy skills ranging from reading, writing, grammar, spellings and much more. Students read stories based on their level and improve in fluency and comprehension the more they use it. With new and interesting content continuously being added your child will never get bored of any of the genres. The activities and tasks assess the child accurately and also prescribe the required intervention.



The school will now be using My Math to support Math learning. Through this interactive tool students’ progress tracking in the subject will be taken to a next level. Workshops and orientation with parents and teachers will be organized to develop mutual understanding of the software that will maximize positive outcomes for school, parents and students.


Purple Mash

Purple Mash is a tool used for our primary students that includes educational games, themed resources and interactive learning tasks that enables students to develop their computing skills in a cross curricular learning environment. Through individual student logins teachers assess and mark the tasks and assign homework as well.