Admission Policy 2020-2021


“Affordable Quality Education”


To develop a love of learning, enabling all children to reach their full potential

Strategic Implementation plan

The aim of this plan is to secure pupil’s academic achievement and personal development.

The school development plan sets out the school’s strategy and development planning for the academic year each Apr. it sets out specific action plan for the year ahead.

The plan is developed through discussion by, and consultation with, staff, governor, parents and pupils. It is informed by school self-evaluation. School self-evaluation may also lead to amendment of the plan during the year. The strategic plan will be reviewed each year.


  • Registration : Registrar, Mrs. Rana Jalak
  • Interview/Testing : Principal or Deputy Head
  • Analysis of admissions data : Registrar and Principal.
  • The principal is responsible for interviewing parents and prospective pupils and ensuring that the school can meet the child’s needs. This may include an entrance assessment depending upon the age of the child.


The school’s ability to meet the needs of the child an available space in the appropriate age group. Children will not be admitted into a year group outside of their age group unless there are exceptional circumstances.


In all cases, admission procedures laid down by Abu Dhabi Education Council have to be adhered to.

Therefore parents are responsible for ensuring that children of mandatory school age are enrolled in all cases, Parents are responsible for ensuring that children of mandatory school age are enrolled in school no later than April of the year in which their children will begin to attend.

Parents registering for Kindergarten must do so on February 15th.

Children under the mandatory school age (6 years old) may enroll for two (2) years of Kindergarten prior to enrolling in grade one. For a child to enter grade one, he or she must have turned 5years and 8 months old on or before April of that year.


Dates of Admission and Procedure

Registration begin in February 15th for KG. The age criterion for KG1 is 3.8 to 4.7 years old and the age criterion for KG 2 is 4.8 to 5.7 years old by April 1st. The parents should submit the documentation. After this is done, they have to pay the first term fee by first of April. Priority for admissions will be given to siblings of students already in Pakistan Community Welfare School.


Dates of Admission and Procedure

Registration begin in February 15th for Grade 1 to Grade 8. The age criteria for Grade1 are 5.8years by April. An assessment is given to the applicants by the admission committee and on their approval, admission is given the parents are then called to submit the documentation. After this is done, they have to pay the first term fee by first of April 1st.


The children of teachers will be guaranteed admission as long as it is believed that the school can meet their particular needs, and all other admissions criteria are met fully. This is to promote the recruitment and retention of suitably experienced staff.


We give preference to siblings of students already enrolled in the school, because of our commitment to keep families united in a single school.


The school will hold a waiting list for the first term after the normal admission round-February to April. If places come available, they will be offered in accordance with the school’s admission policy.


In support providing for inclusion in private schools the organizing regulation of private schools in the emirate of Abu Dhabi under the right of education article No (3).

Students of school age are entitled to a distinguished level of education appropriate to their needs.

All students with special education needs should have equitable access to learning opportunities for achievement, and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of their educational programs. According to Article No (53) of the Regulation for special education. Accordingly our school has provided full attention to students with special needs.

Our school provides educational program, which can meet the needs of most students with special needs. Under this program, our school will identify, set targets, make IEP’s (Individual Education Plan), support and monitor students with special education needs under the supervision of SENCO.


Step 1

Contact the reception and collect the registration form from the Receptionist.

Step 2

Proceed to the receptionist to fix an appointment with the admission officer (Registrar) who will then conduct an interview and require him\her to take certain placement test to give an indication of his\ her performance level if required submit the application form to the admission office.

Step 3

Submit the form after filling it with the required documents (mentioned under required documents) along with the registration fees.

Documents required upon acceptance

The documents listed below MUST be produced when your child is offered a place in the school.

Please note that your child will not be able to join the school if the required documentation has not been submitted. Exceptions will only be made for children coming from overseas and are waiting for visas to be processed.

Required Documents

Parents are kindly requested to attach the following document in a hard copy. Documents required for the student's registration are as follows:

  • Four passport size recent colored photos. Colored copy of Birth Certificate translated into Arabic or English. (Must be attested from Emirates foreign affairs) if issued from outside of UAE
  • Colored passport copy of the student (first, second, and valid visa page) Colored passport copy of the Father (first, second, and valid visa page) Colored Emirates ID copy for the student (If not ready) then please submits a stamped registering application.
  • In case of transfer (from outside UAE), you must bring original result card and school leaving certificate attested accordingly is as follows:
  • Attestation from home country:
  • District |Education Officer (DEO)
  • Ministry of foreign affairs. (Pakistan)
  • Attestation from UAE:
  • Embassy of home country.
  • Ministry of foreign affairs of UAE.
  • Copy of Certificate of Vaccination.
  • Water and Electricity bill/ or Premises